Thanos Polymeneas – Liontiris

the landscape may be a dead star

the landscape may be a dead star is a durational performance based on Heiner Müller’s MedeaMaterial, Despoiled Shore and Landscape with Argonauts. The audience is invited to explore a deconstructed space where three individuals play, read, act, sing and more.

It is an alive performance organism. It evolves as the performers receive tasks from a computational system that reacts to the audience’s presence and movement in the space.

This performance is one of the experiments of a larger scale practice-based research on interactive music theatre. It is devised with the collaboration of Theresa Elflein, Nikos Antonopoulos, Arthur Leadbetter and M. Eugenia Demeglio.

Presented on May 13th 2016, at the Creativity Zone – University of Sussex.



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